Paper uploads

I’ve uploaded the Second Life Sex paper to be presented at IADIS later this month on SSRN.

I’m trying to finish up various papers based on my past two years of research in Second Life so I can wrap up Second Life before starting my PhD. I think Second Life is great, but I really want to move on to other platforms, and I’m more interested now in children’s virtual worlds. Maybe it’s a biological thing– since two days ago, I’ve been officially over the hill.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on There’s so much that can be done with that site. I like immersing myself in new things, but the problem is that I lose interest once I feel the growth slowing down.


2 responses to “Paper uploads

  1. Have a visit this web site by Ariane Barnes. It might be helpful for your researching. Ariane is about 40 year old American girl. She has written lots of writings on Metaverse and 3D online games. And she made an online dating simulating game, too. This game is not easy to play. Have a try it. Well, take care. God bless.

  2. Your essay on this subject was very interesting and helpful. You researched about lots of cases by interviewing. Well, I think that the sentence “You can’t even masturbate because you’re using your hands to type or click on the mouse.” is nice. :) When I was playing the SL, sometimes I went off to eat or drink something while leaving my avatar having actions in it. You mentioned about the dangerous part of voice chatting. I greed with that. Voice chatting requires chair sitting on. Well, I think that there will be better metaverse service in the future. But, still now, the Second Life is the best, I think.

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