Cyborgs and sexy cold-hearted women with British accents

Season 2 of the Sarah Conner Chronicles was pretty blah (I’ve probably written about this before). There was too much drama– like Battlestar Galactica can be Days of Our Lives on a spaceship. I really don’t watch drama for drama’s sake- I have enough of that in my life. I mean, drama is fine, but the story wasn’t really going anywhere. It was like Season 1 was “boom!” and Season 2 was all about explaining the boom but in slow motion with poor acting.

But then I saw the finale and was excited all over again. It wasn’t because of the pseudo sex scene between John and his cyborg friend or the scene where Shirley Manson turns herself into a liquid steel shield. It was because Summer Glau was FINALLY using her gun and kicking some ass. The writers should find more ways of putting the three main female characters in action, because it is totally hot. It doesn’t have to be killing someone. It could be something like…Summer flinging a car with the flick of her wrist. And why can’t a human have sex with a cyborg? Because cyborgs can’t eat?

It’s funny that there are many similar elements in another Fox sci-fi drama- the Dollhouse. The young main female characters are extremely thin, almost teenage-ish bodies, and  the older cold-hearted women have British accents. Why do all mean people in American dramas have British accents? (The guy in Ugly Betty who embezzles from the company also had a cute British accent)


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