Categorizing Twitter Feeds

I want to categorize my twitter feeds. Only I would be able to see those categories. In addition to the general feed, which has everyone, I also want to divide up people into groups- like one for people who tweet ALL THE TIME and hog up my feed, one for people I absolutely have to know what’s going on in their life (ie, the people I’m stalking), another for news, etc.etc. Too bad Facebook implemented that before Twitter, because in the case of Facebook, I actually preferred the previous feed service that lets you vote up or down for specific people. The only reason categorizing would work for me on Twitter and not Facebook is because Facebook friends (in my case) are more personal and my interest in them depends on the individual, not the network, location, or even content, whereas on Twitter, I want separation between network, location and content. But perhaps that is because I chose Twitter to be an impersonal media.


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