Stem cell frenzy

How wonderful is it that stem cells are so hot while I’m finishing up my thesis? The most interesting thing is how Korea is reacting. I wonder what Hwang is thinking. His fingers must be itching. It’s a huge shame that most of the researchers that used to work for him at SNU followed him to Sooam- he may be doing animal cloning there, but the researchers (who were responsible for all the actual work) won’t be able to do any research on human embryos, which they deserve to do. If it hadn’t been for Kim Sun-jong and the few others (Yoo, Park, Roh) responsible for manipulating data and messing with the lab in general (It’s amazing how screwed up things were in that lab, it’s no surprise that things came tumbling down; blame Hwang for not seeing it), I truly believe that the diligence of the junior researchers would have paid off. But then they were the ones who decided to follow Hwang, so they really don’t deserve much sympathy.


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