Be a sheep!

Herdict‘s website is officially up and running! I wrote about Herdict last month and the website existed then, but I guess that was a beta version.

Anyways, Herdict gets this special promotional post primarily because it’s a project headed by my boss, Jonathan Zittrain, and secondly because it’s about sheep! Being a sheep (according to the Chinese zodiac) and liking white fluffy things, I have a particularly soft spot for sheep. People normally associate sheep as stupid, docile creatures that blindly follow the herd, but they can also be very obsessive and vicious. I’ve been told that unlike any other animal, a sheep (or rather ram, in this instance) will continue to paw at the remains of an enemy even after it is dead. So in representing the citizens of the internet, the sheep seems like an appropriate mascot, in both positive and negative ways.


One response to “Be a sheep!

  1. Well, I’m not quite so sure about obsession and being vicious, but there again there are always some bad elements about. Personally I have no experiene of either but I believe there is a flock in Outback Australia that has a rather bad reputation.

    Ramona, Head Sheep,

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