TV shows I’m watching

As a way of relaxing, I usually watch TV as I paint (also a method of relieving stress) but found that a lot of the programs I’m interested in are about science or law, confirming my dorkiness. I sort of feel weird referring to the shows as TV, because I watch it on the Internet…

House: How could you not love the obnoxious genius? House is getting emotionally vulnerable these days because of Cuddy, but hopefully that won’t change his character much.

Terminator- the Sarah Conner Chronicles: Season Two doesn’t live up to Season One, perhaps because there is a lot of emotional stuff going on, but I love Summer Glau’s performance.

Fringe: the fact that it takes place in Massachusetts makes it close to home, and unlike the X-Files (which I didn’t really like) the cases involve ill effects of biotech experiments, sort of like the butterfly effect of man’s attempts to be God. The character of Walter Bishop is highly improbable, but the possible theories of technologies involving radioactivity, physics, and so forth… and the fact that there is a major company behind these problems (Massive Dynamic) makes it easy to engage in the plot. I also like the character of Olivia, the female FBI agent, and was tickled by the Massive Dynamic web site– for a long time, I wasn’t sure if it was real or fake.

Bones: I like Bones because all of the characters are very unique, which makes the shows interesting even when the actual scientific case is kind of blah. I particularly like Lance Sweets- probably because I find super-intelligent, socially-awkward men extremely attractive.

Eli Stone: I do wish Eli’s visions would be more symbolic. The characters are really great, but the plot always falls short.

Ugly Betty: I hate the character of Betty but I like all of the other characters– Betty’s family, Amanda, Daniel Meade, etc. I especially like watching Daniel’s wardrobe, it’s pleasing to look at a fashionable man who is straight.

MadTV: They have a lot of nice political parodies and I just love it when they make fun of other TV programs, including stuff they do on Fox. I’m disappointed that Bobby Lee isn’t doing a lot of original stuff like he did in previous seasons. I also miss Michael McDonald.

Other shows I watch sporadically…

The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, Pushing Daisies (I love the vibrant colors and the surreality of the visual elements as well as the plot), CSI series, Law and Order

If I’m missing anything great, please add a comment!


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