Some suggestions for Eli Stone writers

I don’t have a TV so what television programs I watch are on the Internet; fortunately many broadcasters have begun posting their episodes roughly a day after they are aired. I don’t like LOST or HEROES- these days I’m watching Canterbury’s Law, Bones, and CSI once in a while (I prefer Miami).

Of all programs that have recently finished, I’m sorry that Eli Stone is over and am worried that it won’t continue next season because its ratings dropped so drastically. It is no wonder because after the third episode, the script just became worse and worse. Hopefully, Eli Stone writers will wake up and see what they’ve been doing to the script.

-First of all, there has to be more tension. There is no bad guy (even the introduction of Wethersby’s “wicked” female partner had little impact). It’s not just the fact that there are few evil characters- what personalities the characters have should be amplified. We need stronger personas- the people are just too bland. Aside from the fact that he has to undergo brain surgery (that we all know he will recover) Eli shouldn’t win all the time. In the beginning, there was an inkling of tension between the characters, but then everyone just started feeling sorry for Eli and it just wasn’t fun any more.

-Too much pro bono creates too much happiness, and this is FOX, not the Hallmark Channel. Sob stories are not going to win our heart unless there is a major struggle. Unfortunately, in Eli’s legal world, things are a tad too optimistic. We need a reality check. Eli Stone is such a contrast to Canterbury’s Law, where tension is perhaps a bit too high.

-There has to be a more clever way of incorporating George Michael in the story. Someone has too big of a crush on George Michael and it is getting in the way of a good plot. The worst one was when George Michael actually appeared as a “real” person/client. Now that he has appeared, what excuse will the writers have in explaining why George Michael has such a big influence on all of Eli’s hallucinations?

-The hallucinations are becoming too explicit. First, they were fun because they were indirect clues related to Eli’s case. But then Eli started to actually see exact scenes from the past and the future, and it was too much.


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