what kind of geek am i?

Wired’s article on “What kind of geek are you?” was certainly interesting, but I found that (no surprise) I didn’t fit into any of the categories.

Somehow, that seems to apply to a lot of things in my life- my ethnic identity, my sexual identity, my cultural identity…and now this. Unlike others, however, trying to make up a new category for my geekiness (which is more dorky than geeky) is more fun and I’m trying to come up with a nice, short, spunky term.

For starters:
-I don’t really know about hardware. RAM is a kind of sheep and architecture reminds me of Frank Gehry. I have a Canon D400, take moderately good photos, and am a Photoshop Queen, and yet F-stop makes me think of baseball.
-I am a gamer, but not Guitar Hero or Devil May Cry. Rather, I’m the kind of person who can spend hours playing Desktop Defense or Myst. I quit WOW because it was eating up too much of my time, but even when I was playing, I spent more time gathering herbs and concocting potions, or staying in the rear of raids to heal the players in the front.
-I do not use P2P file-sharing at all, and am somewhat skeptical of complete open access and anti-DRM advocates. I welcome the fact that there is a bulk of free content out there and support the notion of legalizing such activities, but I do wish people would not be so critical of paid content. Sure, I could probably find a movie to download for free, but I’d rather go straight to an online shop and pay whatever to download the file. I assume it all comes down to how “expensive” you value your time.
-I love fashion and dressing up, but not cosplay. I don’t like anime (I’m more of a Disney girl) and I’m not ashamed to say that I watch Hollywood movies. I rarely wear jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers when I go out.
-Contrary from the fact that I have a pale pink VAIO, I prefer function over design and ergonomy over visual pleasure (which is very different from fashion, in which I usually choose visual pleasure over comfort). My Logitech wireless mouse has to fit snugly into the palm of my hand and they keyboard has to have just the right texture (for the perfect friction between my fingers and the keys), pressure, sound, and shape.
-I cannot tolerate websites that do not have good visual design and/or interface. I am very particular about the selection of fonts.



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