abortional art

The fact that a Yale student has made abortion a factor in her senior art project is disgusting and tasteless, but even more disgusting is the fact that the media is making such a hype out of it. That is probably what she wanted, or else she wouldn’t have chosen such a controversial subject. What better way is there to make international news?

Indeed, it is disturbing that she inseminated herself and induced miscarriages. It obviously shows that she has no respect for life or of the people who went through the pain of miscarriages. If there is a God, he should never give her the gift of life when the time comes for her to want it.

Regardless of my passionate feelings of utter detest and anger, I find it more infuriating that the media is enjoying the controversial, sensitive subject, and that the main point of all the controversy seems to be whether or not the project is to be considered as art. Shvarts is not the first one to depict disturbing images. Matthew Barney has had his fair share of gore; centuries-old paintings (especially religious ones) depict a bleeding Christ, severed head of John the Baptist, and blood-ridden images of war.

It is also pathetic that the school is taking a stance on the project after the hype broke out. Didn’t her project advisor say anything when she was submitting her proposal? Did  no one (friends or faculty) suggest that she get therapy during the long period in which she was carrying out the project? Even the fact that Shvarts submitted a press release herself gives one a bad taste in the mouth. She wanted publicity and that’s what she got.


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