“Dyeing” for Spring

Dyeing is back for the spring/summer, but the hippie look is gone. Who would have ever thought that something like tie-dying could create an urban chic look?

I guess it all starts with Diane von Furstenberg’s billowy dresses with beautiful tie-dye print in canary and guava.  Most of the high-end fashion designers have included some kind of dye element in their S/S collections- be it dip dye or tie dye.

But if you’re not willing to shell out a $1000 there is also the less expensive option of a tnfc tip-dyed dress.

One beautiful accessory are Chan Luu scarves- thin scarves with just enough color and sophistication to match with a business suit.

Another amazing accessory is Susan Farber’s tie-dyed suede clutch. She has a bunch of clutches with this huge ribbon design, but the leather ones look really tacky. This clutch, however, has an amazing texture and a beautiful, brilliant color. Too bad most stores are already sold out, but it won’t be difficult finding an alternative, as tie-dyed clutches seem to be “all in” this season.

Tie Dye Clutch by Farber

With all the tie-dye mayhem, there is bound to be something of the past. Gregory Parkinson reinvents the hippie look, managing to layer tie-dyed prints in long flowing dresses without the grunge.

And who said tye-dyeing was just for women? Rainbow shirts are a no, but these Balenciaga accessories (as noted by the Bagaholic Blog) are just amazing for those business casual Fridays. Living in San Francisco is a plus.


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