Girl Scout Cookies

Yesterday, I bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies for $4 each.

The girls were selling them at a booth in Harvard Square- between CVS and the Bank of America. It was a great location and their price was extremely steep, so I imagine their revenue must be pretty good. The types of cookies available were very unfamiliar- I didn’t see any Thin Mints, Samoas, or Trefoils- the cookies I used to sell. I got so curious I went online and found out that a few more cookies were added to the list in 2006- no wonder I didn’t know anything about it.

The girls at the booth were not very enthusiastic about selling their cookies. They were just standing there very quietly, waiting for customers to walk up to their booth. With Harvard Square being the busy place that it is, it was fairly easy for them selling cookies. I remember walking blocks and blocks, ringing doorbells and getting rejections. Now, you can go online and find out where the Girl Scout cookie booth is in your neighborhood. Kids these days seem to have it more easy. Ha.

I also found out that the cookie prices range from $2.50 to $4 depending on location. I guess Cambridge is an expensive location.


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