*The AT&T ad where the woman reproaches her children and her own elderly mother about sending too many text messages is just disgusting. At first, I thought it was somewhat fun, because the children and the old lady are all using text-message (or IM) language. But then there is a part where the woman condescendingly asks her mother, “WHO could you be texting?” The old lady answers. “I don’t know. My bff Rose.”

Now why wouldn’t an old lady want to text someone? Does being old mean you can’t even have people to send text messages to? It would have been less offending if the woman had expressed surprise over her mother’s ability to send a text message.

*In one of the ads for “VIVA Viagra” (which I have to watch several times because they are the in-between ads for CSI shows streamed on CBS’s Web site) There is a whole section where the man who has ED dances with his wife at some kind of party. He doesn’t look like he’s particularly enjoying it, it must be bad acting, but even worse than the bad acting is the overacting of the actress playing his wife. At one point when they are dancing, she lowers her eyes (hmmm, wonder where?) and opens her mouth in a surprised, delighted smile. I mean, I get the point, but it was just too cheesy.


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