just love my flatmate– she is such a dramatic character. I call her Loob (only in my mind) although that is not her name. She’s the kind of person who can wear six or seven strands of long pearls round her neck and look absolutely natural and fabulous.
So Loob and I are talking about using the kitchen, and I assure her that I won’t be cooking too much, because I’m very used to eating out.
-But you have to eat at home if you want to lose weight, she pointed out. (I had told her that I was hoping to lose some weight)
-Well, I guess.
-Because if you go out in the morning, you’ll probably get something like a bagel or croissant for breakfast.
She spoke the words ‘bagel’ and ‘croissant’ as if they were dirty words.
-Uh, yeah, I said.
-You should walk the dog, she said. Walking is good exercise but doing it alone is so stupid. But if you’re walking the dog, it’s not that pathetic, because you have a purpose…it’s like, see? I’m walking the dog.
-Uh yeah, I said.


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