-Why are all the men telling him that he’s handsome?
-Um, because he is?
-No no, I would get it if women were saying that, but why are men?
-I think it’s a kind of Korean thing to comment on your looks. Out of habit, perhaps, unless you’re really ugly.
-I guess then they could say something about your dress or something.
-Yeah, like in my case, they always tell me i have great skin because they can’t say I’m beautiful.
-Do you always have to be so harsh on yourself?
-I’m not. It’s just the way Koreans are.
-Well no one has ever told me that I’m good-looking, so I guess I must be really ugly.

The fact is, Y isn’t handsome. He isn’t ugly either, just normal-looking, should I say? He’s not tall, and he’s not lean, but he’s not fat or short either. His face is certainly not egg-shaped, but rather square with rounded edges, giving the impression of a huge ping pong ball with small slit eyes. But there’s something about his sincerity and wittiness that makes him so much more attractive than G, who is lean, tall, with big lashed eyes and a killer smile. I mean, G is intelligent and his conversations engaging, but the way he shakes his long hair over his shoulders and his constant smile don’t touch me as Y’s frankness. Y doesn’t think about his looks when he talks, doesn’t smile all the time and speaks from the bottom of his heart. G speaks from inside his head. But I wonder, in order to go up the ranks and succeed, would one have to be more like G?


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