VT Shooter was wearing a mask

Fingerprints all over the murder weapon and the gun receipt in his bag may make Cho Seung-hui the murderer, but it there are no reports yet that anyone in the building actually identified the killer as being Cho. We also have police saying that Cho was dead when they found him, but was it really a suicide? What if the killer planted the fingerprints afterwards? What if the killer IS STILL OUT THERE? I mean, being the loner and mentally disturbed person that Cho was, he would have been the perfect person to frame. No one would question him being a murderer. In fact, people like his former classmates (like the guy who submitted Cho’s play to AOL) were practically waiting for him to become a murderer. He was apparently one very angry soul.

American news reports all quote witnesses saying that the shooter was an “Asian” but this article, written in the JoongAng Ilbo/JoongAng Daily, features an interview conducted with one student who was shot but didn’t die. It says that the shooter was masked. How come no one else said that? How is anyone going to identify a shooter that was masked? The police are now going to go full force with the fingerprint evidence. Somehow, I don’t think that is fair. Here is an excerpt from the JoongAng article:

“Shortly after the lecture began, he came in,” said Park Chang-min, 27, a master’s degree candidate in civil engineering. “He shot the professor first and then started shooting the classmates. Blood was all over the place quickly and it was chaos. “I could tell that he was an Asian, but because of his mask and hat, it was hard to see his face,” Park said. “There were about 15 students in our classroom. The shooting took place in a split second, and I had no time to
hide. He then moved on to the next classroom.”
Park said he got as low as possible instinctively and he did not even realize he’d been shot in the arm.
“Police came into our classroom after time passed and things were all quiet,” Park said. “We were told to raise our hands if were are okay, and only three, including myself, stood up.”

Read the complete article here


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