“I hate babies”

-How was your weekend? How are the kids?
It was a bad question, because as soon as I said it, Jack sighed, making his big stomach heave up and down.
-I want to get a T-shirt that says, “I hate babies.”
-That’s so mean!
-That’s what Helen thought too when I told her.
-What did you tell her that for?
-Well, I meant it as a joke, or half-joke, anyways, but she didn’t seem to see the humor in it.
-I would think not.
-But I don’t get why she gets so sensitive when I show any signs of being tired because of the kids?
-Well, duh…she’s been carrying a bump in her stomach for nine months and you’re the one doing the complaining. And that’s only the few hours that you’re home.
-I guess so, but yesterday was really a nightmare. Helen took Joey to get a haircut and I was stuck with Jane, but she cried the entire time because she wanted someone to hold her…and then Helen comes home with Joey, who is also crying because there was a playpen at Shinsegae and evidently, he didn’t want to leave, so he threw a tantrum and had to be dragged home…
Jack turned around with slumped shoulders and started walking back to his desk.
-You’re a good man. Think of the contribution you’re making to mankind by keeping the population intact…

-The fate of the mother is inevitable. No matter what, a father can never be a mother.
-It puts him in a very vague position.
-But it also gives the father the advantage of being slightly detached to his children, and being the cool guy, whereas the mother may cause backlash due to overattention.
-If you’re a mother, you can never win. They say childrearing has become equal, but it can never be equal.


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