I decided it was high time that I get rid of the several hundred screenshots I took during my revels in SL. Of course, I only take screenshots when I think about a good related story to write about them, but alas, I cannot find time to do all that I wish. Still, there were some that do deserve some attention…


World Trade Center– The twin towers still exist, or rather, were rebuilt in SL to resemble what they looked like before 9.11. At ground level, you can teleport to the observation deck. Unfortunately, the view is not that of Manhattan. (The builder could have added that touch)

Pumpkin House– I loved this cute pumpkin-shaped house, which I visited around Halloween. I’m wearing my pumpkin costume and hiding in the front yard pumpkin patch-can you find me?

Svarga– Svarga is one of the most intriguing places I’ve been to, full of earthy smells and lush tropical greenery. This big boulder by the waterfall was scripted with a very nice sitting pose and I could not resist playing calendar model.


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