New Friends

I’ve had the honor of meeting several new friends in SL.

Thoem is the representative of  a radio station in SL. We met at a 50% clearance sale at Pixel Dolls and she said “hi” first, mentioning that she liked my dress (I was wearing my dark red velvet “Elvira Madigan”). This led to introducing our wardrobes to each other. Yes, it was a very girly meeting.


I ended up making a blue version of my newly-designed floral fusion kimono for Thoem to wear to the launching ceremony of her broadcasting station. Being tall and very slim, the kimono looked extremely different on her than it did on short and dumpy me. Here is a screenshot of me in my pink kimono and Thoem in her dark blue one. There are two versions of the kimono- with or without sleeves.

Thoem encouraged me to keep on designing, hinting that there is not that much businesswear (formal) for women. Maybe that could be my nicht. But then, I love outrageous-looking couture.

Tooter, a designer in the Netherlands, turned out to have a font fetish like I (I like to nurse and gloat over my fonts like a precious collection of baseball cards.) and we both like the architect Rem Koolhaas (who doesn’t?).


While I am busy designing clothes, Tooter was busy making corporate identities. Featured here in a very bewildering avatar (self-designed, of course) is Tooter in the sandbox, creating a small building that touts a very savvy CI. The porthole-like design reminds me of the subway station signs that we have in Korea.  Tooter even designed the typography himself! It was very snug, round, and cute, very much like Century Gothic, which I personally love.


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