Halloween Scavenger Hunt

One of my recent revels in SL was to take part in a scavenger hunt that involved prowling around the entire village. Unfortunately, some images in the castle and abandoned house were extremely unpleasant (and this was before I learned that you could “force sun” through the World tab so I was doing things mostly in darkness.

The scavenger hunt was very well-designed. You are given a scroll with a list of things you should hunt for, and when you actually find them, they don’t go into your inventory, but are ticked off in the list instead. Some of the items were things like flashlights and swords, which you could find on the ground in one of the rooms or outside. More original items include people, but not real people- you had to find portraits of those people hanging in walls inside the houses or castle.

After the experience in the haunted mansion, I found the gory images in the castle a little less nauseating. Perhaps it is because I am getting more used to bloody graphics. On the other hand, I think it was the lack of eerie sounds that helped me keep my head. Sound really does a lot in affecting how one feels during an online experience. In that context, I feel that the introduction of voice (real voice) features in SL will surely have a huge impact (psychologically) on users.

At any rate, I was thinking straight enough to try out devices in several torture chambers. The ugly screenshot above is moi suspended over a fountain spewing blood. The pose with the chain hooked on my stomach sort of reminded me of music videos from Nine Inch Nails’ Downward Spiral album- I think there were several cuts in “Closer” which had Trent Reznor in that very same position. The screenshot at left is from a room upstairs in a deserted clapboard house. You can’t notice here, butthe moment you get strapped into the chair, your body starts shaking like crazy. Unfortunate that I couldn’t capture the brain-frying moment through a still shot, I got goosebumps just looking at my avatar. I wasn’t able to finish the scavenger hunt because it was taking way too long, but I still enjoyed the couple hours I spent playing. It would make a nice adventurous date for SL lovers.


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