Achromatic Colors@2006 MTV Music Awards

Achromatic colors were all the rage that the 2006 MTV Music Awards that took place in NYC. THe Pussy Cat Dolls proved it.

First on the list: BLACK. Jessica Simpson, Shakira and Pink all showed up in black. Not surprisingly, Jessica Simpson’s jewelry looked extremely cheap and Pink’s weird behavior went “terribly” well with her see-through top.

WHITE:: It was a shame that of all the people who wore white, Maria Menunos was the only one that went with a simple cut. Paris Hilton must have REALLY wanted to wear a nymphish Chanel, trying too hard to look smaller (or shorter) by pairing off the swan lake dress with black boots. The entire look just evoked a lot of sympathy, but you had to acknowledge her fashion sense in some way, since her black accessories were situated at perfect places in context of proportion.

Rihanna’s flare skirt served its purpose well in covering up her thighs, but the real covering-up she needed was her forehead. She practically looked like a Klingon.

GLITTERING SILVER:: My “best” pick went to Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, both wearing silver. WIth smoky makeup and a darker manicure tone, Lopez showed that silver can still look good in the fall.

If anyone else were wearing these dresses, they would probably look slutty and cheap, but Beyonce always looks good despite what she wears.

Of course, fashion is not just about the women. Justin and P. Diddy look so much better in gray.


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