Racing Girls at Busan Motor Show

I admit that when I first saw models at racing shows a few years back, I was offended that more people were interested in the (human) models than the cars. But now I’ve become more used to going to motor shows and even looking forward to what kind of girls will be there.

#The COSPLAY look

This year, a lot of the girls were dressed up like anime characters instead of the S&M. Perhaps it was because the show (which moves between Seoul and Busan) was held in Busan this year. Busan is more affected by Japanese fashion than Western fashion.

The girls looked like characters out of Mabinogi or Magna Carta (computer games). They were wearing mini skirts, but had very cute faces, emphasized with pig-tail hair-dos and very white make-up.

#The Traditional Racing Girl

Somewhat contrasting from the girly, pale-faced anime character girls were the American-style racing girls, with emphasis on huge breasts. They wore leather, jeans, and large hoop earrings.  

#The “Korean” model in black

How can explain it? But these girls, despite the difference in style, were the models that are commonly seen in Korean commercials and coveted by most Korean men. They have very similar face expressions (bright smile) and very stiff, pre-thought poses. You could see them modeling for anything from clothes to milk and they would look the same in each cut.

#Fashion Mishaps

These girls just made great cars look terrible.

#Most photos (unless otherwise specified on the photo) are by Lee Dong-won of Newsis. Lee takes the best racing girl photos ever with particular focus on breasts and legs.


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