When Reptile Meets Bag

Fashion trends move in cycles and this year, reptilian bags are back in vogue. One of the distinct factors is that the design is more conservative, perfect for the more elderly fashionistas.

These conservative designs were even noted in (surprisingly) Alexander McQueen bags, which had a granny-like, classic look. More irregular colors such as turquoise and purple (instead of brown or beige) make the bags good for more fashionable women professionals in their 30s to 40s.

The bad thing (or perhaps good thing) about the reptilian handbags that are out this season is that the skin is all coated, looking sleek and shiny. These textures are very well imitated with PVC (the quality of PVC seemes to be getting better day by day), making it very convenient for mass-clothing line designers (and those on lower budgets) to follow the trend. Not to mention a huge population od animals will be saved…




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