A Korean man, was Mr. Lee
Sweet, naive, and nice.
A learned man was Mr. Smith
Reasonable, smart, and wise.

Smith and Lee went to the country
The fresh air made them happy.
What beautiful blue-grass fields, said Lee
No, green, said Smith very kindly.

Smith then took Lee on a trip
To show him ’round the city.
A traffic light of blue, said Lee
No, green, said Smith in a jiffy.

They next went to a nice cafe
And sipped wine by a fire
What big blue eyes you have, said Lee
No, green, said Smith somewhat tired.

Now Smith was exasperated and so
He yelled at Mr. Lee.
I’m blue with fright, said the old poor man
Screamed Smith, you’re as white as a sheet!

And now both men don’t ever meet
And ignore each other on the street.
Thinks Smith, Lee must be color blind
To not know blue, Lee says
Something’s wrong wth Smith’s mind.

(written for creative writing class in college)


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