Backers rally on eve of Hwang’s summons

Prosecutors will summon Hwang Woo-suk, the disgraced cloning and stem cell researcher, and a former researcher at MizMedi Hospital, Kim Sun-jong, for questioning today.
The Seoul Central District Prosecutors said yesterday that its team investigating Dr. Hwang’s use of public funds for his discredited research will try to determine if and when the veterinary science professor at Seoul National University knew that supposedly cloned stem cells had been fabricated and if he was involved in the deception.
Dr. Hwang has claimed that he was deceived by members of his research team, and has pointed the finger in particular at Mr. Kim. Dr. Hwang has been suspended from his duties at the university, but still retains a loyal public following for his research.
Last night, about 4,000 supporters of Dr. Hwang gathered in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul, to proclaim their faith in him. The crowd included people from all parts of the country, who watched performances and browsed at a bazaar to raise funds for the embattled researcher. The items on sale included T-shirts emblazoned, “Snuppy, Made in Korea,” referring to the dog he cloned.


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