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Powerful Black Female Bosses Dominating TV

I would like to dedicate this post to the celebration of powerful Black women on TV. There have always been a lot of strong Black female characters, but these days, it seems like so many programs have a strong Black woman as the boss or person in charge.

How to Get Away with Murder: Bad-ass Law Professor
The protagonist of this legal drama is Annalise Keating, a Clinical Law Professor. In front of her law students, she is the stereotypical no-nonsense, demanding professor, but she also has a vulnerable, emotional side that she shows to her lover when she fears her husband to  be a murderer. Her charisma attracts over-enthusiastic law students to be her apprentices in handling cases of real clients.

Suits: Stern, Ambitious Partner of Law Firm

In Suits, a legal drama about professional rivalries and slick characters trying to win cases, Jessica Pearson is a rational, super-smart partner of a law firm. She runs the law firm with an iron fist and is willing to put everything-including her personal relationships- after her company.

Partner Jessica Pearson

Partner Jessica Pearson

Scandal: Political Crisis Management Consultant/CEO

A political drama about Olivia Pope, CEO of a crisis management firm and consultant to the White House. She puts on a strong facade in front of her employees but becomes an emotional mess when it comes to her forbidden love- the president of the U.S.

Mindy Project: No-nonsense Head of Department
In this romantic comedy about gynecologists and their love interests, the head of the medical department of the hospital (Jean) is a very strong, gay Black woman. She appears to be very strict, but shows serious concern for the presumed ill mental health of one of the doctors and also encourages the protagonist Mindy to pursue a fellowship at Stanford to improve her career.


Gotham- Police Chief vs. Mobster

In this television series of Gotham when Bruce Wayne is a little boy, Sarah Essen is the Captain of the Gotham City Police Department Homicide Squad and the boss of detectives James Gordon and Harvey Bullock, who investigate the murder of the Waynes. She is a strong character, but a bit of a helpless pushover sometimes in a corrupt city that is run by the mobs, powerful politicians, and dirty cops.

Gotham PD captain

Sarah Essen- Gotham PD captain

Representing the “bad” side of Gotham is Fish Mooney, an extremely sadistic, sexy gangster boss mama. No one screws Fish and lives to tell the tale.

Fish Mooney, Gotham gangster boss

Fish Mooney, Gotham gangster boss


Captain Gates, who likes to be called “sir,” is a stark contrast to the police department head in Gotham. She used to dislike Castle, a mystery writer who helps the NYPD solve homicide cases, but has grown fonder of him over the years. She has no problem, however, setting aside her feelings when it comes to work and is extremely professional and well-respected.


Captain Gates

State of Affairs

In this espionage thriller,  President Constance Payton is the first American Black female president whose son was killed by terrorists. Having served in the Air Force during the Gulf War, she believes in the power of the military.

Constance Payton, first Black president of the U.S. Photo by NBC

Constance Payton, first Black president of the U.S. Photo by NBC


Dr. Cam Saroyen, the director of the Jeffersonian, a forensics lab that helps the FBI solve murders, is an extremely intelligent, articulate woman who tries to play by the book but still manages to show empathy and flexibility in how she operates her lab.

Cam Saroyan

Maternity dress in Bones: Product placement or coincidence?

Bones is wearing a dress from Target, which happens to be the banner ad in the corner.

In a recent episode of Bones (The Male in the Mail), actress Emily Deschanel wears an green maternity dress in the final scene that is from the Liz Lange maternity collection at Target. Interestingly, on Hulu, the banner ad accompanying the episode was Target. If this is product placement, it’s certainly the most subtle form of product placement I’ve seen.

The same dress on Target's website.


Crime dramas bash Facebook

Given the popularity of social network sites, I suppose it’s common sense that they become subjects of interest for television dramas, but I was somewhat surprised by two episodes that each had a very interesting take on what social network sites are and the people who use them. In general, both episodes gave off the impression that people who use social network sites excessively do so because they don’t have true friendships offline.

Lie to Me: killer app

This episode is about the investigation of a murder of a young woman who was one of the three co-founders of SeekOut, a social network site. The main suspects are the other billionaire co-founders, one of which has a striking similarity to Zuckerberg in terms of appearance (his name is Zach- how many names begin with a Z for this to be a coincidence?). This character is confronted by Cal (the protagonist who engages in so-called “scientific” lie detection) as being a lonely control freak who creates a social network site because he is unable to have genuine social relationships in the real world. Ouch.

The co-founder of SeekOut (far left) is confronted by the lie detecting team.

Bones: The Body in the Bag

In this episode of Bones, Dr. Swedes uses Facebook to look for potential suspects. He says Facebook is a “great profiling tool” and points to the girl’s photo-posting patterns to show “narcissism” and message patterns to show her superficial relationship with her friends. I wonder if the writers of this episode were familiar at all with the wealth of studies (many of them in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking) that show correlations between psychological variables and Facebook use. It was interesting how the show had a mock Facebook profile page that was similar enough that it looked like Facebook but really wasn’t. Facebook’s terms of service actually do not allow people to make fake profiles (although I’m sure a lot of people do anyway) so it was good that they avoided that legal hurdle.

Of course, the girl identified as a suspect through this Facebook profiling turned out not to be the killer. In fact, Facebook only misled the investigators from the true suspect, but still, it was interesting. I suppose the moral of the story is, someone planning murder is probably not going to be stupid enough to leave public evidence on someone’s Facebook wall.